NAP fabricates a wide range of prosthetic devices.  From a classic exoskeletal to a cutting edge endoskeletal prosthesis.  Our technicians have the experience to know what components function most effectively together.  However, we will meet your design specifications if you prefer a particular component.

Listed below are just some of the products NAP fabricates.  This is not all-inclusive, so please contact us to discuss your special project if not shown.


Lower Extremities:

AK Endoskeletal

AK Exoskeletal

Knee Disarticulation

BK Endoskeletal

BK Exoskeletal

Hip Disarticulation



Partial Feet

AK Suction Sockets


Upper Extremities:

AE Endoskeletal

AE Exoskeletal

BE Endoskeletal

BE Exoskeletal

Shoulder Disarticulation



Check Sockets

Custom Graphic Laminations

Joints and Thigh Lacer

Soft Liners